February 5, 2013

More and more

Hey everyone! Remember me? Oh yes, I'm that author person.

Here is a quick update about some of the happenings with my writing.

It's now been nearly two years since The Gifted was released. I've been working on a sequel for a very long time. I started one version nearly two years ago, but it turned out all wonky. Savannah was brutally murdered and Kael accused Pyper of being the murderer. Weird, right? No thanks. So I put them all in time out and waited until they could play nice.

This time around, they've decided to cooperate.

The biggest difference in this book? Hunter is the main character. Crazy, right? Pyper still shares the stage, but we really learn a lot about Hunter. After The Gifted, I felt like Hunter had gotten the short end of the stick and there were probably real reasons he did what he did. Come to find out, there were.

After finishing The Betrayed and sending it off to my editors, I got curious as to what happens next. Why wait to find out? I sat down and started writing the third book. It will be the final installment, so I'm working on wrapping up all the stories. This is the part of the series where I need to make sure I use all the fibers in the weave. It's a big endeavor, but one I am enjoying very much.

For right now, I'm working on the 3rd book while I'm waiting for The Betrayed to come back from my editors. In a few weeks I'll have a cover to reveal. I've been working closely with a designer. We finally found Hunter, which is a huge milestone.

We have a lot happening. I feel like there was a long dry spell, and now so many things are happening all at once.

Thanks for reading!