February 11, 2013

New Facebook Page

With The Betrayed set to release in six weeks and the 3rd book already in the works, I realized something. I have a Facebook page, but it's called, "The Gifted, a Novel by Deborah Andreasen."

Right now, The Gifted is my only novel, but I already have three additional books in the works. The Betrayed, the sequel to The Betrayed, and another book that is not part of The Gifted series. Someday, very soon, I'll have more than one novel published. What then? Will I make a FB page for every book?


Last night I sat down and made another Facebook page, this time for me as an author. This is really exciting because it means my "brand" is growing. I'm continuing to write and publish. It's great.

The bad part is, all my awesome fans that follow my current FB page now have to do a little bit of work and migrate over to my new page.

So. If you are one of my AMAZING fans, please take just a quick moment to go to my Facebook page and Like me. I've got some great stuff coming up soon, including some giveaways and exclusive The Betrayed info that I'll post there and not on The Gifted's page.

And please spread the word. You are my most valuable tool in writing success.