February 19, 2014

Meant to be?

When writing the final book of the Gifted Series, The Departed, it came to the point where I needed to decide where Pyper was from. Namely, the last place they lived in Reality. I did some research and decided on Dearborn, Michigan. It's a big city, yet not huge. It's in Michigan, which is where I always envisioned Pyper to be living. There are a few other little things that just seemed to fit.

Whenever I watch movies or TV, I'm constantly on the look out for faces to go with my characters. I know what they look like in my head, so it'd be nice if I could allow the world to see them too!

Recently I came across an actor and I thought, "Hm. He looks kind of familiar to me." I decided he belongs in my book.

This is Kael, but in Reality, his name is Garrett Clayton. All he needs is greener eyes rather than blue, but hey. Details.

Want to hear something kind of cool? Garrett is from - wait for it - Dearborn, Michigan!

Is this a sign?! I take that as a yes.Garrett/Kael, welcome to the family.