About the Author

I grew up in a small town in Nevada. After high school, I moved away to college, met and married my husband, and earned my Bachelor's degree in Business Management with a double minor in Finance and Psychology. We have a funny 3 year old boy and a sassy one year old girl. I have the privilege of being a stay-at-home mom: a dream I didn't think would ever come true.

I have always had an active imagination. I remember being very young and sitting in my class working on a craft. I was so caught up in a story I was weaving around myself, that I even stopped to talk to the other characters, as if they were really standing there. (I'm pretty sure it was an evil-stepmother type character who was treating me like Cinderella.) At that point, I remember looking around my table and seeing the other kids looking at me funny. Oops.

Writing has always been a talent and hobby, but I did not pursue novel writing until after college and shortly before my son was born. I'm a ruthless editor. When my husband and I were dating in college, he asked me to edit one of his papers. I refused because I knew if I edited and critiqued his work he'd never speak to me again. Eventually I agreed, but he decided he loved me anyway. He's been so supportive of my writing endeavors. My kids...not so much. It seems like I become the hottest commodity when my computer is on my lap or I've got my red pen out making edits on my books.

Want to know more about me? Send me questions at deborah@deborahandreasen.com